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Some frequently asked questions regarding OLS events.  

If you have a question that isn't listed below, don't hesitate to contact us.

What is MilSim

Milsim stands for Military Simulation. Milsim events are based on military style missions with a military style command structure.


 - Milsim is about following orders and watching your buddy's back

-  Milsim is about gearing up and focusing on your mission.

-  Milsim is about tactics, strategy and unity.

What are the objectives

Operation: Loyal Serpent is a 1.5 day mission based event.  Each side will have a Commander and players will be broken down into squads.  Multiple overlapping mission objectives will run all Sunday with no breaks.  Sunday's main Op will be preceded by a 4 hour Night Op on Saturday night.  There is a mandatory forced rest between Saturday's Night Op and Sunday's Main Op.  Missions will include capturing key elements and infrastructures, holding captured elements and infrastructures, supply and support runs, hijacking of supply and support runs, recon patrols, intel gathering, etc.  Points will be awarded for successful completion of missions and an overall winner will be determined at the end of the event.  


No, you don't require a specific uniform or specific colors.  Teams will be designated with armbands affixed to both biceps.  We want to be an event that promotes airsoft and we recognize that not everybody can afford multiple sets of BDU's in different camo patterns.  Therefore we decided not to go with a "Tan vs Green" uniform rule.  

Do not show up wearing a furry costume, superhero costume or fantasy cosplay costume.

Choosing a team

There is no advantage to being on one team or the other.  The only difference between the two teams will be armband colour.  We strive to balance the teams so one team does not have a distinct advantage over the other.  

Group Registration

If you regularly play with a group and want to stick together for this event, we can arrange that.  Simply add your section/team name to the comments of your Electronic Money Transfer and indicate who you will be fighting with.  Secdtions are ideally 5 or 6 players, so if you play with 7 guys, pick up another player and break up into 2 sections.

Rental Guns

Generally, this event is geared for the experienced Airsoft player, who own their own equipment.  The casual rental gun players will find this type of event overwhelming.  However, if your gun goes down and you want to stay in the game, we have a couple rental options;

Jeff Heiser at

Jeff Lopinski at

Onsite Camping

There will be free onsite camping.  There is plenty of room but camping is first come-first serve.  Campers can arrive anytime after (to be announced).  There will be game staff on site to assist you.  There is lighting, toilets and running water for washing up.  It should be fairly luxurious by Airsoft camping standards.  You must bring your own drinking water.

Are Tickets Refundable

All Event Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE! However, if we cancel the event, you will be fully refunded.  


Event Tickets are transferable.


Event Credit will no LONGER BE GIVEN. If you are unable to attend an event your best course of action is to sell/transfer that ticket to another person.  Game organizers must be notified of the transfer in order to make the changes to the player list.

How Do I Pay

Use the"Registration" tool to sign up for the event.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to submit your payment via Electronic Money Transfer (EMT).   If, for some reason, you don't have access to online banking and can't send an EMT, contact the event co-ordinator and alternate arrangements can be made.

Minimum Age

This is a 16+ event.  Players under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver.  

Food & Water

Food is not included in the admission price.  There will be a food vendor on site, offering Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.  Bring some cash.   Returning to vehicles for any reason only hurts your teams chances of completing objectives.  It is also recommended to bring enough water to sustain you for the entire event.  Usually that is 4 litres minimum.

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