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Havoc Wind 2024 Patch


Havoc Wind returns to the Army Paintball field, 20 minutes south of Swift Current SK.  The fictional town of Lil-Sur-Mur, is based on a modern French town with a D-Day / Juno Beach theme. The field has fortifications, buildings, bunkers, trenches and gun batteries. There will be continuous mission based objectives throughout the day for an intense 6 hr battle.  At the end of the day, players are invited to gather around the fire for food and socializing.  Additionally, there will be a Night Op, speedsoft in the "Corral" under the stadium lights and a skills competition. 

JUNE 21-23, 2024


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Friday June 21

12:00 hrs - Admin Team arrives and starts setting up the field

12:30 hrs - Players may arrive anytime after 12pm and set up their camp.

15:00 hrs - Pistol CQB/Speedsoft games in the corral & Skills Competition (Optional)

18:00 hrs - Meet & Greet around the fire

20:00 hrs - Night Op Start (The night Op is optional.  Provided for players who like the dark)

00:00 hrs - Night Op End

01:00 hrs - Quiet Time

Saturday June 22

08:00 hrs - Breakfast  - Food vendor opens

09:00 hrs - Registration opens

09:30 hrs - Chronography opens

11:30 hrs - Pre-deployment review of the rules and mission brief.

12:00 hrs - Op Start.  BB's fly

18:00 hrs - Op End

18:00 hrs - Supper break

19:30 hrs - 3 vs 3 speedsoft (optional)

20:00 hrs - Sociables around the fire

02:00 hrs - Quiet Time

Sunday June 23

08:00 hrs - Breakfast  - Food vendor opens

10:00 hrs - Pick-up game if players are interested

13:00 hrs - Tear down and clean up of the AO

15:00 hrs - Admin Team departs the AO and the field is officially closed

* times are subject to change


Army Paintball's fictional town of Lil-Sur-Mur

50.1380468698873, -107.73803611179024

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