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OLS will be back . . .

Unfortunately, it is unlikely there will be an OLS in 2024.  As many of you may know, OLS no longer has access to Merrill Dunes and we are currently looking for a new location to host our events. As soon as we locate a suitable venue, we will resume hosting Op: Loyal Serpent (OLS) events.  We thank our loyal players for their years of support.  Check back here regularly for updates.


Fan Club Hits 10,000 Members

The third instalment of Havoc Wind will be June 21-23, 2024. Havoc Wind is an Airsoft event hosted at the ArMy paintball field, 20 minutes south of Swift Current SK.  Situated in the fictional town of Lil-Sur-Mur, which is based on a modern French town with a D Day Juno Beach theme. The field has fortifications, buildings, bunkers, trenches and gun batteries.


Most Loyal Fan Award

Weapon Lights and/or Tracers will be mandatory for the Night Ops portion at Havoc Wind 2024.  For players using Weapon Lights, this means you must have your light activated while shooting.  

This change to the rules is hoped to increase safety on the field during low light/no light ops. Secondary, we feel it will reduce overshooting at night.  Lastly, we think a bunch of tracers zipping thru the darkness just looks cool.

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