Saturday, July 24, 2021

Gates Open: 17:30

Set up camp: 17:30 - 19:00

Registration:18:00 - 20:00

Chrono: 18:00 - 21:00

Night Op Start: 21:30

Night Op End: 01:00

Quiet Time: 02:00

Sunday, July 25, 2021
Gates Open: 07:00
Registration/Check-in: 07:30 - 09:30
Chrono: 08:00 - 09:30
Briefing: 09:30 - 10:00
OP Start: 10:00
OP End: 17:00
Debriefing and Raffle: 17:15 - 18:00

Upon arrival to the field, it is recommended players make their way to the registration tent ASAP.

To ensure as much playing time as possible, the time table will be strictly adhered to.

Players are expected to have reviewed the rules prior to arriving.  Teams will be given the time to get into position before the game starts. 



Recently the Saskatchewan Government announced that they will be lifting all Provincial Health Restrictions as of July 11, 2021.  This is great news.  It is our intention to increase our attendance cap once those restrictions are lifted.  Watch our social media for announcements.  


Beginning May 30, 2021, in Step One of the Saskatchewan Re-Opening Roadmap, competition and game play for outdoor sports may proceed if the following requirements are met:

  • Participants may not compete if they are feeling unwell.

  • Players, Event Staff and guests will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Public outdoor gatherings are limited to 150 people.

  • Players under the age of 16 years will not be permitted.

  • In areas of congregation, physical distancing must be observed at all times, with a minimum of two metres of space between individuals from different households.  

  • Individual and protective equipment should not be shared.

  • Commonly touched equipment used for game play will be disinfected during the course of play.

  • Officials, Event Staff and players are not required to wear masks outdoors under the public health order. However, masks may be worn if they are more comfortable with that layer of protection.

  • Spectators not from the same household should maintain two metres of physical distancing.

  • Spectators must remain in designated areas. Masks are not required to be worn outdoors under the public health order, but they may be worn if spectators are more comfortable with that layer of protection.

  • Hand sanitizer or soap and water handwashing stations will be available for participants and spectators.

  • Public washrooms, will be cleaned and disinfected regularly, and soap and water or hand sanitizer is available.

  • Contact information of the coaches, officials and players should be recorded by the home team and maintained in order to assist with contact tracing for 30 days in the case of a confirmed case of COVID-19.

  • Special attention must be taken to ensure physical distancing inside, rental areas, lineups and concessions.

  • Parking areas will be monitored to prevent congregation of patrons, and vehicles must be spaced a minimum of two metres apart

  • If a person becomes sick, they should immediately stop participating and return home.

  • If a person becomes sick or injured, and first aid care is required, we will limit the number of individuals in contact with the sick person.  Place a mask over the individual's mouth and nose if they are not able to do so. First aid providers caring for people should follow standard precautions. Those who provide direct care requiring close or direct contact should wear a mask.

  • No sharing of water bottles.

  • No shaking hands, high-fives, etc.

  • Spitting of seeds, tobacco and fluids is not permitted.

  • It is recommended to carry and use hand sanitizers 


The consumption of Drugs and Alcohol will not be tolerated at Op: Loyal Serpent.  This has always been the rule since the inception of OLS.  The consumption of cannabis and alcohol was directly related to un-sportsmanship like behaviour in 2018, therefore we are going to be pre-emptive.  RCMP will be making patrols of the parking lot and camping areas and tickets will be issued.  Organizers will be removing intoxicated players from the field.  Players involved in altercations and found to be under the influence of alcohol and/or cannabis will be banned from future events.

Radio Frequencies

Loyal Serpent is 100% UHF/VHF communications.  Game organizers will not be issuing FMRS radio channels.  Players choosing to operate FMRS radios may do so but event staff will not be entertaining complaints about interference.  UHF/VHF portable radios offer far greater range and more frequencies.  This will hopefully allow teams and squads to communicate without interference from the opposing team.  

Team Armbands

Players will have taped armbands on both arms.  Hopefully this will help elevate concerns about team affiliation.  We have decided not impose a camo restriction for our Op.  Example; Tan vs Green.  We have been to several events that impose a camo restriction and have found it does not fix the problem of identifying your foe.  In low light conditions it is impossible to determine what color camo another player is wearing.  Everybody looks like a dark silhouette.  In addition, there are players who can't afford to have two separate gear/camo load outs.  We want our event to be available to all players.

Semi Auto vs Full Auto

Starting in 2021 the entire Op is semi-auto fire only, with the exception of LMG's.   Review the rules before you get to the even.   In 2020 we ran a small event that was semi-auto only and it was very successful.  There were far fewer complaints about over firing, yet game play wasn't affected negatively.  We had many complements supporting the semi-auto only rule, and no complaints.  


The one thing that hasn't changed and isn't up for consideration, is that the Night Op will remain 100% semi auto fire.  No LMG's allowed at night.   In previous years there was too much abuse of full-auto so we were forced to take it away.  Players will have to utilize a weapon that will shoot semi-auto. 

Early Bird Prize

No Early Bird prizes this years since registration was delayed.  Thank you COVID-19.

Leadership request

Operation:Loyal Serpent is a MilSim event with a military style command structure.  

Loyal Serpent V Commanders;  To be announced . . .

We are still looking for veteran players to enlist as a Squad Leader.  As a Squad Leader you agree to take on responsibilities for a 4-5 trooper squad.  You will be responsible to maintain discipline and unity in your squad.  You must maintain communication with other squads and follow orders given by your commanding officers.  We appreciate the effort.

Embedded Admins

In 2017 we introduced the 'Embedded Admin', and feel it was very successful.  Therefore, the Embedded Admin will be in play again this year.  The reason for the Embedded Admin is that there are a limited number of Game Staff and they aren't able to be everywhere.  In the spirit of keeping the game as safe and fair as possible we decided to introduce this role.  The Embedded Admins will be players, within the game, tasked with ensuring that safety and rules are being adhered to.  They will address infractions they observe and bring issues to the attention of Game Staff.  The Embedded Admin does not have the authority to eject another player from the game but should be given the same respect as any Field Marshal.  Embedded Admins will be clearly identified.  Players wishing to volunteer for the duties should be an experienced player, mature and diplomatic in nature.  If you are interested in this duty, kindly email us. 


Camping:  There will be free camping on site.  Campers may arrive anytime after 5:30pm. Unfortunately the gates will not open before 5:30pm.   There is a fair amount of space and we have never run out, but it is first come first serve.  There will be porta-potties, running water for washing up, and lighting.  Bring potable water (drinking water).  Staff will be on site.


Players wishing a more luxurious camping experience may consider Pike Lake Provincial Park:  Pike Lake is a beautiful full service Provincial Park 21km (19 minutes) from Merrill Dunes.  The park includes a waterpark, beach, nature trail system, golf course, miniature golf course, cabins, and a large campground

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